About Us

Empowering Your Laundry Experience: Our Story and Commitment To Excellence

At The Laundry Barn, we take pride in transforming your laundry experience. Our passion for cleanliness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction drives us to provide exceptional services. With state-of-the-art machines, a warm and inviting atmosphere, and a dedicated team, we ensure your laundry is handled with care. We believe in going beyond expectations, offering coinless convenience through our user-friendly app. Trust us to revolutionize your laundry routine and make every visit to The Laundry Barn a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Eddie and Peggy Welsh, owners of The Laundry Barn in Pocatello Idaho

Why Pocatello For Our Laundromat?

Eddie and Peggy Welsh, residents of Pocatello for 19 years, noticed a lack of laundromats in the Old Town area. They purchased a building and created a clean and aesthetically pleasing laundromat. Their goal was to provide a convenient and locally developed facility for the community, particularly for those without transportation. Their children also contributed by purchasing vending machines. Additionally, they offer a wash and fold service to cater to busy families and owners of Airbnbs. The laundromat features technologically advanced and energy-efficient Electrolux machines. To learn more about Eddie and Peggy’s journey, click here.

Our Advantages


State Of The Art Machines

The Laundry Barn sets itself apart by providing customers with state-of-the-art laundry machines.


Convenient App

The Laundry Barn offers a user-friendly app that allows customers to enjoy coinless convenience.


Clean and Welcoming Environment

Our customers are family. We want them to feel welcome and safe during their visit.

Why Choose The Laundry Barn?

Experience Excellence, Convenience, and Care: Choose The Laundry Barn Today!


Safety And Peace Of Mind

Our well-lit and monitored facilities provide a secure environment for you to do your laundry with confidence.


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

By choosing us, customers can expect a pleasant and satisfying laundromat and laundry experience that exceeds their expectations.


High Quality Equipment

Our laundromat is equipped with advanced machines that offer various load capacities, specialty cycles for different fabric types, and energy-efficient features.

Discover The Laundry Barn Difference…

Discover our exceptional laundromat and laundry services, tailored to your needs. Experience the difference at The Laundry Barn today!