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Premium Experience

Self-Service Laundry

Our incredibly clean and safe laundromat offers the best laundry experience in Pocatello, Idaho. We’re open late, have 24-7 security, and high superwash large capacity machines.

Simple And Convenient

Wash, Dry, & Fold Laundry

We provide a wash and fold laundry service. Simply drop off your laundry and pick it up the next day completely fresh and clean. Let our expert team handle your laundry from start to finish.

Best Way To Laundry

Delivery Laundry Service

Pickup and drop off laundry service in Pocatello Idaho. You don’t do anything except schedule your order and leave your laundry for us to pick up. You’ll get your laundry the next day! Contact us for more details.

Why Choose The Laundry Barn?

Safety And Peace Of Mind

Our well-lit and monitored facilities provide a secure environment for you to do your laundry with confidence.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

By choosing us, customers can expect a pleasant and satisfying laundromat and laundry experience that exceeds their expectations.

High Quality Equipment

Our laundromat is equipped with advanced machines that offer various load capacities, specialty cycles for different fabric types, and energy-efficient features.

Why choose the Laundry Barn

Frequently asked questions

Yes, at The Laundry Barn, we pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art machines that are efficient and suitable for various laundry needs. Our machines offer different load capacities and specialty cycles to cater to different fabric types, ensuring optimal results for every customer.

Absolutely! In addition to our self-service laundromat and laundry facilities, we offer a range of additional services at The Laundry Barn. These include drop-off and pick-up laundry service, where our dedicated team takes care of your laundry for you. We aim to provide a comprehensive laundry solution tailored to our customers’ needs. Drop-off and pick-up laundry services are by invitation only at the moment. Contact us to book an appointment.

Yes, we’ve got you covered! With our user-friendly app, you can easily track the progress of your laundry cycles and manage payments seamlessly. The app allows you to monitor your spending, receive notifications when your laundry is ready, and even make coinless payments, eliminating the need for carrying coins or cash.

Absolutely! Cleanliness and creating a welcoming atmosphere are top priorities at The Laundry Barn. Our facilities are regularly maintained and kept spotless, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for our customers. We believe in providing a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and enjoy a pleasant laundry experience.

Discover The Laundry Barn Difference…

Discover our exceptional laundromat and laundry services, tailored to your needs. Experience the difference at The Laundry Barn today!